Arnie in Namibia & Botswana
May 21st to July 2nd 2016
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Our Travelling Gallery

  1. 13 April - Arnie is delivered to Barking to wait for his container.
  2. The leading truck One Life Adventure
  3. Arnie in the Dorab Desert
  4. Cape Fur Seal Colony
  5. Flamingos over Walvis Bay
  6. Petrified Forest at Sossouvlei
  7. Little lizard near Messem Crater
  8. A little tree for Brockway green - Baobab
  9. Be brave Arnie!
  10. Black Maned Lion
  11. The day we were trapped by these
  12. Would you have seen him?
  13. A rare moment
  14. Arnie at Fish River Canyob
  15. Footsteps in the dune
  16. Morning walk
  17. left right, left right, keep up
  18. Kudu
  19. Liz at Fish River Canyon
  20. Driving through the dust in Namibia
  21. Oh so at home
  22. Richard at Fish River Canyon
  23. Running down the dune
  24. The convoy lined up
  25. The moon on a roll
  26. typical Namibia road
  27. First wild camp
  28. The King of Khardoum
  29. Not so happy Hippo
  30. Himba asking for water
  31. Van Zyll's Pass
  32. Zebra crossing
  33. First tow-start for Arnie
  34. Warthog in Moremi
  35. Elephant in camp
  36. Liz at the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town
  37. Richard at the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town
  38. Arnie in Cederberg, South Africa, prepped for a tow-start
  39. The Protea flower, national flower of South Africa
  40. Cederberg Mountain view
  41. Miming friend at The Waterfront, Cape Town
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